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Welcome to 55songs, home to a whole host of things music - composition for TV & film, songwriting, publishing, production, recording, record label, music publishing, artist development, pr, sync licensing, intimate live concerts, jelly beans - the list is seemingly endless. Why not dig away an discover some great music from some great artists and writers........

55songs is the umbrella organisation under which all the music stuff happens. The name came into being from the triple whammy of the owner becoming 55, having been born in 1955 and finally taking up residence at number 55. Just asking for it really. We are based in a century-old Chapel in the small but perfectly formed town of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire in the UK. We are a fine example of an overnight success that has taken almost 20 years to happen. A good part of 55songs is taken up with being a home to the TV and film music acivities of Andrew McCrorie-Shand, with the rest made up of music publishing (Park View Music Publishing), songwriting, a record label and music production.

We have a steady stream of visitors as we encourage our artists and writers to treat our place like their home - which has resulted in the purchase of a several coffee machines, many more sofas, a brace of guitars and a regularly stocked sweet cupboard. And could the owner of socks and gym shoes please collect. And the stuffed elk (or at least it’s head). Oh, and to the owner of the cupcakes - thank you, but really nothing left to collect.

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Andrew McCrorie-Shand

Andrew was born into a musical family where he was taught to play piano from the age of 5. His love of music flourished and, in common with many teenagers growing up in the 60s, he began his career performing in his first band whilst still at school in Warwick.

There followed a variety of semi-professional bands before he was drawn to London in 1974 where he played keyboards and wrote music for the classical rock band Druid. They released albums and toured the UK and Europe. Later Andrew played keyboards for Curved Air with Stewart Copeland [Police], Darryl Way and Sonja Kristina.

Andrew's first venture into film music composition came in 1978 with 'Kilimanjaro 8' for UK cinema release. Following this he was signed to EMI as a songwriter and session musician, working with performers of the era such as Leo Sayer, Sally Oldfield, Billy Ocean and Sara Brightman. He went on to work in production in the mid-80s as a staff producer of TV and film music for EMI.

It was in 1989 that Andrew established his long association with children`s television, beginning with his music for the prize-winning animation of Beauty and the Beast. This successful relationship continued with his composition of the signature tune and music for the long running children's programme Rosie and Jim, together with its two highly acclaimed stage productions, the music for Brum, and the signature tune and music for the Bafta award-winning TV series Tots TV.

The outstanding children's TV success of the late 90s was undoubtedly Teletubbies. Andrew's experience, knowledge and understanding of the audience made him an ideal choice for the programme.

He composed and performed the signature tune and all incidental music, composed and performed the UK chart number 1 hit 'Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh' and the CD of Teletubbies 'The Album' which was released world-wide. Teletubbies is now broadcast in 59 countries and 22 languages.

Since then Andrew has written and performed the music for the Ragdoll series “Boohbah”, worked on film music with Craig Gannon (guitarist with The Smiths), written and performed (and almost finished!) a solo album “Equilibria” featuring among others Nik Kershaw, the RPO, the London Community Gospel Choir and amazing vocalist Lynne Jackaman. Also written and performed with his band “tinderfish” (including a self-named debut album), appearing live(including Glastonbury and a hanful of other festivals) and in the recording studio as guest musician with various artists playing a host of instruments - (but not limited to) accordion, banjo, guitars, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy, piano, organ, harmonium, a collection of intrepid analogue synths and the wonderful, startling and enigmatic Eigenharp.

At present mid-way through writing and recording music for “Abney & Teal”, animation for TV made by Ragdoll. Also co-writing and producing tracks with new artists including Tom Billington, Jack Garratt, The Staves and Canadian folk heroine Cara Luft.

Andrew is a judge for the Ivor Novello Awards, runs his own music company (55songs), his own music publishing company (Park View Music Ltd) and has grown to love the taste of carrot, beetroot, apple & fennel juice first thing in the morning. But only just.
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